Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Taliban


Dear Taliban,

      I am writing this letter to you because you have to let the central government take control over all of Afghanistan.

      First of all, you are a bad influence on Afghan people. Before you came everybody had a good life and there were plenty of schools for men and women to go to. Now that you have come and are under control no one can go to school, because you want them to have no education so they become soldiers and join you. If someone speaks out of line you automatically shot them down and leave their bodies just lying there on the streets. Every time you kill someone a lot of people get hurt because you killed their best friend of even a family member. If you see a girl/woman in the street without a burqah or a man, then you make them go to jail. In Afghanistan you made the men have control over the women, and you took away their freedom of speech.

      The second reason is that you got the Americans involved by declaring war against them. Americans tried to make you leave Afghanistan but it failed because other Afghan people fought against them. They killed too many people and don’t understand the Afghanistan religion. It’s kind of the same with you because you also kill too many innocent Afghan people and they hate you for that. If you leave Afghanistan or let the government take control it will be better for you and for the people.

      Third and last reason it that you only control one part in Afghanistan. You were first in control of most of Afghanistan, but when the Americans got involved you started losing more and more of Afghanistan. Soon you will lose the war and it’s better to give up now than later. If you give up and let the central government control, it will help Afghanistan because there is no real purpose for war in the first place, and the only thing you achieve with war is death.

      The conclusion is that you should give up on fighting and leave Afghanistan. The people there should be allowed to have a good life without having to worry getting killed day when they get out. There is also no difference between giving up now or later.


Dear Bully

Dear  Bullies,
Why do you bully? You go around bullying people, making them feel like outsiders, making them want to die. You know how many people die just because of the mean words you say?  Over 3,000,000 teenagers get bullied every day. 1 out of 10 students drop out of school each day due to bullying. 

Another way you bully people, which is easier for you, is through the internet. Cyber-bullying has become so common nowadays, and it’s a fact. It’s easier for you to insult people in front of the screen than face to face. 1 out of 10 teenagers report cyber-bullying. To stop cyber-bullying, join online groups, report it.  Don’t just sit and watch.

Do you feel good when you bully? Do you like seeing other people commit suicide, because you had so much anger inside you which you couldn’t get out? I don’t know about you, but I would feel very guilty. Kids move schools, even cities, because of you. If you have anger issues (or other problems) please go consult with an adult, go join a group, join a sport you enjoy doing, do anything except bullying. Go play soccer. Kicking the ball might help you, or playing volleyball and basketball, where you throw, smash and hit the ball. Make new friends and be nicer to people.

Do you know the story of Amanda Todd? She was a gorgeous teenage girl. At the age of 14 she was asked to flash a boy, and for an unknown reason she did. A few months later she was asked to put on a strip show for a guy. Of course, this time she said no. After one month everyone started bullying her and she got depressed.  She drank bleach, tried committing suicide a few times, but didn’t succeed. At last she made a video telling her story to the world, and committed suicide again. This time she succeeded.

You shouldn’t bully because people get hurt. After tragic things happen, that’s when you start feeling guilty. Stop it! Just because people make mistakes is not a good reason, neither is your anger problem. Lets say your mom made a mistake, would you bully her? No! So, why bully other people, for no reason. I really hope this letter will change your opinions, and make you stop, even just a small part of you. It is still a difference.


Dear Racist

Dear Racist,                                                                                                                
I am writing to change your views on racism. Racism has a huge effect on all people, no matter what skin color they have. Racism has existed for many centuries in the form of killing, slavery, human trafficking and discrimination in many parts of the world, by one race against another. All I want from you is to change your view towards people regardless of their color. Racism has only caused hatred and violence in our society.
There is a history of racism that began with slavery in Africa. Slavery was trafficking human beings. People were killed, such as the Africans by the Europeans. Slavery was a huge part of racism. West Africans were sold as slaves in America from the beginning of the 17th century. In the 1900's in the US, black people weren't allowed to use the same transportation or restaurants or any public place which was used by whites. Racial slurs still occurred against Barack Obama in the US elections.
People don’t have the same rights, which I believe is wrong. In 2009 a group of commonwealth MP’s cancelled a trip in Nigeria after a boat company refused to carry its white members.  This shows that there is not only racism against blacks, but against white people too. Racism in India has occurred through the caste system. The caste system is the level you are at, poor or rich, and it depends on what type of job you have and also on your birth. You can only marry someone within the same caste as you.
How would you feel if you were in the other person’s skin and you were the victim of racism? You shouldn't discriminate or be intolerant because of somebody’s skin color or religious and political beliefs. This has caused much suffering for many centuries and shouldn't be a part of modern life. Nobody chooses their skin color. However, I believe that all people of the world should have the same rights and possibilities, so please stop the hate and ignorance.

Dear Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the ordinary people. I want to share with you my concerns about the reputation that you are building for yourself and to point out the ethical way to guarantee your successful future. 

I have been following your work for quite some time and let me say you represent a whole new generation of activists and computer controllers. I liked when you hacked the phone call between Scotland Yard and the FBI. It was sneaky. Although your actions are illegal and proclaimed wrong by many, I think that you have reached a unique level of computer skill. I know that you use your abilities to express your opinion and show the injustices in society.
One of the problems that I think you have is that an increasing number of people fall victim to your continuous hacking of private accounts. Recently you have broken into 15,000 accounts in the “Pastebin” website. This is an online platform where people pay membership fees to store information. Hacking into those accounts can really hurt someone whose life is strongly connected to the online spheres. People might like it when you break into government or corporation websites, such as the “Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulation” website, and reveal their secrets. The majority of the Bulgarian citizens, who are not satisfied with the current monopoly of one company over the whole market, approved this action. However, when it comes to personal space, every one of us is protective. You should understand this because you are “Anonymous” and your goal is to remain in secret. Each individual wants to do the same with their life, and you could grant the ordinary citizens the right of privacy. 
I would advise you to strongly focus your efforts on helping misjudged people. Many people relate to your beliefs and ideas, and support you in being their Internet voice. It is good that you are constantly making an effort to seek the truth. The future of your existence depends on the decisions you make now and on the supporters you gain. I think that you can organize a way of questioning the common people about what concerns them and what injustices they have seen.
In conclusion, I hope my letter has changed your way of thinking and proceeding with your tasks. I would really like to see you continue to be committed to society and its problems. People need you to not forget that you are one of us.


Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Co.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, David Karp and Jack Dorsey,

As you may know, your social media websites have been a huge part of our lives today, especially for teenagers. It has been influencing their attitudes, social lives, and the way they think or feel. I know you make a lot of money on those sites every single day while not even realizing what might be happening on them. What you probably do with that money is upgrade your websites, add new features, etc, which I am positive leaves so much of it going into nothing. On behalf of almost every social media website user, I am suggesting you put money into positive campaigns which are mostly affected by your websites in the first place. Campaigns such as: anti cyberbullying, anti- suicide/ depression in teens etc. A lot of these examples are led on by misuse of social media websites. 

Did you know that social media is the main factor in cyberbullying online? Although many people don’t take it that seriously, it does affect a lot of teenagers very negatively. Almost 95% of teenagers say that they have seen someone cyber bullied and ignored it. 21% have joined in the harassment. You can’t deny the fact that it’s in the nature of teenagers to make someone else feel bad. Maybe not often, but one in a while. It’s in their nature, but you can help fix this.

This leads on to my next point; cyberbullying leads to a lot of negative effects. Some of those may include: anxiety, depression, low self confidence, being anti-social and in the worst case suicide. Teenagers take peer pressure very seriously and it does them no good. They think they have to be perfect. While people are bullying them online, and no one’s doing anything to stop them, they’re sitting in their rooms possibly crying and trying to find any way out.

Guess what though; you could do something to stop it, and to try and help. Your social media website is one of the main things in their lives. You could organize campaigns, put the word out, anything really. They would listen. You have the power of the whole website to shut them down. Organizing events to help prevent that would not only help your website users, but you as well. You and your website would gain more popularity and probably more users. 

Trying to prevent those things from happening on your own website would not only benefit every single one of your users, but also you.  It would help millions of people around the world, and prevent teenagers from making fatal decisions.