Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I am writing this letter because I believe that you have great potential and knowledge to do many helpful things such as bringing justice to certain organizations, making changes to programs, improving software, hacking for important information, and solving things that would need knowledge and usage power of infiltration. By doing this you will help much more to the society, and contribute to the well being of our community. Just think how many people will benefit from this.

If you focus all of your fame and influence, you have, on better causes such as ending war, corruption, solving lack of resources, and tracking people or information, then people will find you much more interesting, and will pay more attention to you in a good way. You will be more popular for being useful, and you will be hired for doing new and better jobs, that you could not have done in the first place.

When you just prank people and do countless trolls or hacks to your favoring, people just automatically assume you are not serious and all the hype you put into making people more aware of you, and what you do, will be lost. Working for better causes will make people trust you more. Wasting all that power that you have on small affairs such as ordering pizza to people’s doors and hacking profiles for fun, will not make people more amused and interested in you.

Doing what is more efficient and favorable to other people, not just to you, will make you much more wanted and known. You should use what you know and apply it for useful causes. Doing this will make you a better reputation, and you will be taken more seriously. I hope you choose what is best, and makes life easier, and better, not only for you, but also for many people.



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