Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the ordinary people. I want to share with you my concerns about the reputation that you are building for yourself and to point out the ethical way to guarantee your successful future. 

I have been following your work for quite some time and let me say you represent a whole new generation of activists and computer controllers. I liked when you hacked the phone call between Scotland Yard and the FBI. It was sneaky. Although your actions are illegal and proclaimed wrong by many, I think that you have reached a unique level of computer skill. I know that you use your abilities to express your opinion and show the injustices in society.
One of the problems that I think you have is that an increasing number of people fall victim to your continuous hacking of private accounts. Recently you have broken into 15,000 accounts in the “Pastebin” website. This is an online platform where people pay membership fees to store information. Hacking into those accounts can really hurt someone whose life is strongly connected to the online spheres. People might like it when you break into government or corporation websites, such as the “Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulation” website, and reveal their secrets. The majority of the Bulgarian citizens, who are not satisfied with the current monopoly of one company over the whole market, approved this action. However, when it comes to personal space, every one of us is protective. You should understand this because you are “Anonymous” and your goal is to remain in secret. Each individual wants to do the same with their life, and you could grant the ordinary citizens the right of privacy. 
I would advise you to strongly focus your efforts on helping misjudged people. Many people relate to your beliefs and ideas, and support you in being their Internet voice. It is good that you are constantly making an effort to seek the truth. The future of your existence depends on the decisions you make now and on the supporters you gain. I think that you can organize a way of questioning the common people about what concerns them and what injustices they have seen.
In conclusion, I hope my letter has changed your way of thinking and proceeding with your tasks. I would really like to see you continue to be committed to society and its problems. People need you to not forget that you are one of us.


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