Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Bully


Dear Bully,

I am writing you this letter because I have a feeling that you don’t now that bullying has an effect on both the bully and the victim. I want you to stop bullying people because you can restrain yourself from bullying, you just choose not to. This proposal is not only for the benefit of the victims, it is also for your benefit.

Bullying may make you feel superior to other people, but it is really just hurting you. It is scientifically proven that those who felt bullied in 6th grade were more likely to report feelings of loneliness six years later, and that those who bullied in 6th grade felt more overly aggressive and fierce in 12th grade. When you bully people maybe it makes you feel cool or popular because you are targeting people to make them feel scared of you and helpless, right? In reality, this is not what is happening. What is really happening is that you are just making everybody scared of you, even your so-called “friends”. Actually, the reason you even have “friends” (or should I say “followers”), is because they are scared of you, and they don’t want to get bullied by you, so they pretend to be your friend. So you are actually just losing respect from your real friends and creating enemies for yourself.

Over 3.2 million people are bullied every year. 1 out of 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying. That is why you need to know that your bullying not only tremendously effects you, but also effects others. Think of the last time you bullied someone, and now put yourself in their shoes. Do you think that they went home that day feeling great? No. Now think of this: What if you made somebody feel so bad that they couldn’t think of any other way to stop the hurting and depression, that they decided to kill themselves? Then how would you feel? Would your joke still be funny? More than 750,000 people in the U.S. attempt suicides every year because of bullies. Would you really want someone to kill themselves because of you?

What would be the benefits of ceasing to bully people? Well, first of all you would get more friends, real friends, and they would actually respect you. Second of all, if you stop bullying people, then you would no longer be considered a heartless, mean person. Also, you wouldn’t have to go home feeling guilty for making somebody feel so bad that they are probably home crying. You wouldn’t have a huge weight to carry on your shoulders every day because you know that you did something wrong. Your life would get much better by just changing one simple thing.

I hope you think about what I have told you, because I truly believe that it would not only help the people you bully, but it would also really help you have a happier, better life, and that is what I truly want you to get out of this letter.




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