Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Bully

Dear  Bullies,
Why do you bully? You go around bullying people, making them feel like outsiders, making them want to die. You know how many people die just because of the mean words you say?  Over 3,000,000 teenagers get bullied every day. 1 out of 10 students drop out of school each day due to bullying. 

Another way you bully people, which is easier for you, is through the internet. Cyber-bullying has become so common nowadays, and it’s a fact. It’s easier for you to insult people in front of the screen than face to face. 1 out of 10 teenagers report cyber-bullying. To stop cyber-bullying, join online groups, report it.  Don’t just sit and watch.

Do you feel good when you bully? Do you like seeing other people commit suicide, because you had so much anger inside you which you couldn’t get out? I don’t know about you, but I would feel very guilty. Kids move schools, even cities, because of you. If you have anger issues (or other problems) please go consult with an adult, go join a group, join a sport you enjoy doing, do anything except bullying. Go play soccer. Kicking the ball might help you, or playing volleyball and basketball, where you throw, smash and hit the ball. Make new friends and be nicer to people.

Do you know the story of Amanda Todd? She was a gorgeous teenage girl. At the age of 14 she was asked to flash a boy, and for an unknown reason she did. A few months later she was asked to put on a strip show for a guy. Of course, this time she said no. After one month everyone started bullying her and she got depressed.  She drank bleach, tried committing suicide a few times, but didn’t succeed. At last she made a video telling her story to the world, and committed suicide again. This time she succeeded.

You shouldn’t bully because people get hurt. After tragic things happen, that’s when you start feeling guilty. Stop it! Just because people make mistakes is not a good reason, neither is your anger problem. Lets say your mom made a mistake, would you bully her? No! So, why bully other people, for no reason. I really hope this letter will change your opinions, and make you stop, even just a small part of you. It is still a difference.


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