Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Joseph Kony


Dear Joseph Kony,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the African people.  After a much research, it is clear that millions of kids have been displaced from their families. I am one of the billion people who want these children to be sent back to their parents. For this to happen, you must do what is morally right, logical, and in your best interest: Make peace with the Ugandan government and leave the kids out of this mess.

 For the past 10 years one thing has become very clear: as long as you are alive, parents will be suffering, young girls will be tortured by being sex slaves, and mutilating faces of young boys
I have found out about the brutal things you do to kids with your Lord’s Resistance Army and I want to tell you that I am really disappointed from mankind at how sick a person can be, cutting a child’s ear or nose. Don’t you realize that every kid you have abducted has a family which is worried about him and loves him? I want you to give up already because your need for power is too much!

 Now I want to tell you something. An American guy called Jason Russell has studied you for the past 8 years. He made a video about you. His plan is to make you famous. His video includes a young boy explaining  how you cut his brother’s neck in front of his eyes! Over 400 million people already watched the short movie and they are terrified! The whole world knows you now. Obama is sending military troops to catch and arrest you. So the best thing for you is to give up easy and don’t make it hard for yourself because trust me, you are going to pay for EVERY SINGLE kid you have kidnapped and drugged!
Here is what I suggest you to do. You should make peace with the Government and bring back the kidnapped kids to their families. Hide somewhere away from children and start doing good things for your life.

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