Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Male Chauvinist


Dear Male Chauvinist,

I am writing this letter because I believe that women should have equal rights to men. I believe that women should have a right to a free and safe life. I’ve read about the horrible way that men treat women in the Middle East and I understand that it all comes from your religion, but this is one really stupid reason to act that way with women. Maybe in the past, but now we know better than to treat women badly without any reason. They’re not any different than you, so why can’t they have rights?

The first reason I believe this is because women are being killed every day for expressing their opinion and doing what they believe in. Almost all women are forced into exile for protesting. I understand that people in the Middle East are Muslims and follow their own Quran (The Muslim Bible) and according to it, women have very few rights. Not like the Christian women in Western Europe and America where they have the right to vote, to work, to take care of their children without a man’s help and to choose who to marry. People should be able to follow their beliefs as long as it doesn’t harm or even kill innocent women and children. Women who live in countries ruled by Al- Qaeda and the Taliban are exposed to terror every single day. In a June 2011 global survey, Afghanistan was named as the “world’s most dangerous country in which to be born a woman.”

The second reason I believe this, is because every person on this earth is allowed to make choices in their life: where they live it, how they live it, and who they live it with. Women have natural rights simply because they are also humans. Since you can choose your life and the way you live it, women should be able to too. Unfortunately, many men have abused women’s rights. For example, a girl named Malala was shot just because she was going to school and wanted an education. This is a horrible tragedy that never should have happened. Sahar Gul, a 15-year old girl was brutally tortured by her in-laws for refusing prostitution. Sahar's husband used to beat her and denied her food. She had her nails pulled out with pliers and there were burn signs on her body. She suffered from severe mental stress and was in critical condition. This kind of thing is criminal and seriously mentally sick. I can’t imagine what other girls have gone through because of your fanatic ideas.
The world is finally realizing the way you treat women. Many countries have taken into consideration of rewriting the religious laws, and then you won’t be able to go on living your life because those women won’t let you get away with treating them so poorly. They will protest until they get their rights.

As you can see, there is no point in treating women so bad, as if they are not people at all. Women in the Middle East have the right to live a long, free, safe life and you men shouldn’t be the reason that they don’t. You should help them get an education, get a good job,and learn to take care of the family,  instead of limiting them from those things. I hope that you will consider this letter when you think abut and interact with women. Thank you very much.



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