Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Co.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, David Karp and Jack Dorsey,

As you may know, your social media websites have been a huge part of our lives today, especially for teenagers. It has been influencing their attitudes, social lives, and the way they think or feel. I know you make a lot of money on those sites every single day while not even realizing what might be happening on them. What you probably do with that money is upgrade your websites, add new features, etc, which I am positive leaves so much of it going into nothing. On behalf of almost every social media website user, I am suggesting you put money into positive campaigns which are mostly affected by your websites in the first place. Campaigns such as: anti cyberbullying, anti- suicide/ depression in teens etc. A lot of these examples are led on by misuse of social media websites. 

Did you know that social media is the main factor in cyberbullying online? Although many people don’t take it that seriously, it does affect a lot of teenagers very negatively. Almost 95% of teenagers say that they have seen someone cyber bullied and ignored it. 21% have joined in the harassment. You can’t deny the fact that it’s in the nature of teenagers to make someone else feel bad. Maybe not often, but one in a while. It’s in their nature, but you can help fix this.

This leads on to my next point; cyberbullying leads to a lot of negative effects. Some of those may include: anxiety, depression, low self confidence, being anti-social and in the worst case suicide. Teenagers take peer pressure very seriously and it does them no good. They think they have to be perfect. While people are bullying them online, and no one’s doing anything to stop them, they’re sitting in their rooms possibly crying and trying to find any way out.

Guess what though; you could do something to stop it, and to try and help. Your social media website is one of the main things in their lives. You could organize campaigns, put the word out, anything really. They would listen. You have the power of the whole website to shut them down. Organizing events to help prevent that would not only help your website users, but you as well. You and your website would gain more popularity and probably more users. 

Trying to prevent those things from happening on your own website would not only benefit every single one of your users, but also you.  It would help millions of people around the world, and prevent teenagers from making fatal decisions. 

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