Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Misogynist

Dear Misogynist,

I would like your support to bring equal rights to the women of the world. Women should have the same rights as men and you shouldn't be against them. Having researched, I've found out many unfair things that happen toward women. I am a woman and I hope to convince you that women deserve equal rights. Hopefully you will change your mind and make a difference in this world. For this to happen you must take everything into consideration and understand our history and current injustices.

A right that is really important to our society is voting. Before 1920 women weren't allowed to vote and all they did was housework. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia, women are still not allowed to vote. Women should have this right because they live in this country, and they should have the choice to determine who runs their country and who is in charge of their world, too. Voting is a big part of our world, that’s why everyone should be allowed to vote. Would you feel good if you were forbidden to choose who runs your country? This is how women have felt and some are still feeling this way. I understand that you like feeling powerful and bigger than women, but I believe that everyone should have equal rights. Making voting available for all women is the first step.

Another injustice that I’ve found is discrimination toward women’s property rights. Property rights include legal rights to acquire, own, sell and transfer property, collect and keep rents, keep one’s wages and make contracts. In history, a woman's property has often been under the control of her father or her husband, and some girls are wedded against their will. In a lot of countries women are treated unfairly, tortured, and beat up by men, and men are violating their property rights and they don’t even realize it because they’re so busy doing the things their husbands told them to do. There is already a law that states women are allowed to have property rights, however if you are one of those people violating them, you should stop. Not only because it’s unfair to women, but it is in your best interested to do what I say, because otherwise you will have problems to deal with. Some countries are so strict about that that you might even go to jail, so I suggest that you don’t violate those rules.

A third important point is that every women should be able to have the right of choice. For example small children in South Sudan are forced to get married and get pregnant. This is violating the right of choice. This is seriously harming the mother and the newborn baby, because a young mother can’t properly take care of a baby. Think of your children, would you force your little daughter to get married or even get pregnant? Another thing that is against the right of choice is that women in Saudi Arabia (regardless of their age) need a male guardian to walk with them wherever they go. Even if the women wants to, she can’t go anywhere without a man, which is also a violation of privacy. In Saudi Arabia women are also not allowed to drive cars or any other vehicle. Women should be able to make their own choices, because it’s unfair to them and I think that if you think about it, you’ll see my reasoning.

Women are capable of anything and essential for the survival of the human race, so they should be treated with respect. They do a lot of things and it’s just not fair to treat them this badly in return. Those points that I gave you are not the only injustices, but for me they’re the most important ones. Women are equal to men and they should be treated that way. I hope that all the reasons I gave you will convince you to change your mind about women.



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