Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Taliban


Dear Taliban,

      I am writing this letter to you because you have to let the central government take control over all of Afghanistan.

      First of all, you are a bad influence on Afghan people. Before you came everybody had a good life and there were plenty of schools for men and women to go to. Now that you have come and are under control no one can go to school, because you want them to have no education so they become soldiers and join you. If someone speaks out of line you automatically shot them down and leave their bodies just lying there on the streets. Every time you kill someone a lot of people get hurt because you killed their best friend of even a family member. If you see a girl/woman in the street without a burqah or a man, then you make them go to jail. In Afghanistan you made the men have control over the women, and you took away their freedom of speech.

      The second reason is that you got the Americans involved by declaring war against them. Americans tried to make you leave Afghanistan but it failed because other Afghan people fought against them. They killed too many people and don’t understand the Afghanistan religion. It’s kind of the same with you because you also kill too many innocent Afghan people and they hate you for that. If you leave Afghanistan or let the government take control it will be better for you and for the people.

      Third and last reason it that you only control one part in Afghanistan. You were first in control of most of Afghanistan, but when the Americans got involved you started losing more and more of Afghanistan. Soon you will lose the war and it’s better to give up now than later. If you give up and let the central government control, it will help Afghanistan because there is no real purpose for war in the first place, and the only thing you achieve with war is death.

      The conclusion is that you should give up on fighting and leave Afghanistan. The people there should be allowed to have a good life without having to worry getting killed day when they get out. There is also no difference between giving up now or later.


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