Far from Terrorists:


  Dear Unhealthy American Kid:

I am writing this letter to you to make you understand how important it is to be healthy. I love sitting in front of a TV eating junk food all day long and I think you do too. But don’t you think that it would be better if we got a little exercise as well? Maybe started eating healthier too? I have found great ways that will help us do that.
There are many advantages that come with being healthy. For example, you can attend more physical activities. You can be part of the teams at your school. You can have hobbies and enjoy playing the sports that you like with all of your friends. Also, by being healthy and exercising, you don’t get sick as often. I speak from personal experience. When I was younger I didn’t like sports at all. I was never into exercising and because of that, I would get sick all the time. But for the past few years I have been really engaged with sports. I attend all of the practices at my school and I love it. And, I haven’t been sick for almost a year now!
A great way to help you become much healthier is by joining Michelle Obama’s campaign called, “Let’s Move”. It is a campaign to help children like you, to get more exercise. You may think that exercising is hard, but trust me it’s not.  There are many different ways you can exercise. In “Let’s Move”, you can have tons of fun while playing sports. There are a lot of great games and activities that you can play while losing weight. Also, you can invite your friends to go and work out with you.
Being healthy will help your future in different ways. One huge advantage of being healthy is that it expands you like. Research shows, that if you exercise and eat food such as, meat, fish and vegetables, then it will increase your life by a few years. Also, another big thing is that if you are athletic, you don’t get tired as easily. You can walk, climb, run, dance and move around more, without having to stop all the time.
 As you can see, being healthy is very important and it is going to help you a lot in your life. You will be able to play sports with your friends, attend more physical activities, and be more active. So join “Let’s Move”, meet new people, work together and make good changes in your life. I will be worth it.


Dear Future Philanthropists,
Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to help people in other countries fight poverty and have a better life. This letter will explain to you how you can invest your money to give a voice to the voiceless. You can donate your money to the Gates foundation and devote your life to a good cause, like Melinda Gates, founder of the foundation has devoted her life to the betterment of people.

I have written this letter on behalf of this foundation to help the world and the lives of many people.This foundation strives to achieve the equal value of all lives. Their main goals  are to create funds for health care and education for the world and most of the United States. May I request that you join hands with the Foundation and make a donation, with kindness in your heart, to lift up the lives of the poor and needy in remote corners of Asia, Africa and Latin America. There are more than 4 billion people who live on 1.25 dollars a day. People who have no means to a decent education. People who suffer from diseases and have no medical attention.

The Foundation focuses on education for the poor, providing sanitation, food and water. They also work on curing life threatening diseases such as polio, malaria and AIDS or HIV. Imagine how your donation to this good Foundation could help these people trapped in helplessness and desperation. Make their efforts most effective by donating to this foundation.    

You will be investing your money in a good cause. Even If they earn money for the education of only one child, it will have a life-changing impact on many people, because your one donation might inspire others to do the same. If you donate a fraction of the money used out of your daily expenditure, you can save 1.4 billion people and about 21 percent of the world population from poverty, and that will make a big difference.

Melinda Gates once said,"Giving is like giving a voice to the voiceless,” which is helping the less fortunate. Come and join hands with the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation in hopes for making a difference and turning our world into a better place, and for giving voice to the voiceless.

Yours Truly and  Sincerely,

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,
I am writing this letter to you because I know that you love charity work and I have a way to help you, your company, and your charity all at once. It is to make Windows 9!
I notice that you are retired and the name “Windows” is a Microsoft trademark, but you can still legally get out of retirement and start your own company. You can also buy most of Microsoft’s enterprises and take control over the company again.
Here is my first reason why you should make Windows 9: Windows 8 could have been better. There are tons of tech websites that agree that Windows 8 has more disadvantages than advantages. You can revolutionize the computing world by adding a bunch of new features, like holographic screens, great deals, account control, easier customizability, faster processing, more graphics, more accessibility, and a comfortable and simpler to use operating system because that is what people want in the future and today!
The first reason connects to the second one, which is to use the money that comes from Windows 9 for charity. Everyone will love the idea of Windows 9 and it will sell a ton, just like how good MS-DOS sold when it first came out. You can use the money to give to your foundation that helps solve global problems. Your foundation can use this money to help global hunger because these issues are being ignored these days. Food is a basic need of human nature and every country deserves to have it and not be starving and doomed to failure.
My third reason is that your donations will raise a lot of attention in the world and make people more aware of hunger in Africa, North Korea, or China and such. So, more people will donate to your foundation and you will help more hungry, sick people.
In conclusion, you will end up making billions for charity work and will make Windows fans happy with a better operating system. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so please make the most out of it Mr. Gates.



Dear Mr. Mark Zuckerberg,

I am writing this letter because I want to give you an idea to change how the world communicates from now on. I am talking about Twitter and Facebook combining forces and putting it to a good cause. There are many reasons to do this starting with the fact that everyone will have one webpage to go to, for socializing, talking to friends, family and communicating. 1.11 billion people used Facebook this year. Then what do you say about having more users, and helping charities? Twitter has 277 million users this year. So my question is what could happen if these two companies join, creating one big social network?
First of all, it would be easier to socialize for the users around the world. I am not saying Facebook is not popular it is a pretty popular but, after Google. Research shows teenagers are getting bored of the same stuff, they need something new, like Snapchat it is a photo messaging application. These types of things are becoming trendy and coming close to Facebook and Twitter. So do you still want to stay in the top? You play your card.
I know you already have a fortune, but with more money (with Twitter) what you can do is donate to charity, and I am talking about big donations. Like the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” They support kids and people around the world with giving those people vaccines they need that protects them from horrible diseases. You already are a philanthropist having donated 100 million American dollars to support education in the U.S. But not only the U.S, the entire world needs more.
 People die from hunger, disease and war. Think how many people would use Facebook and Twitter’s new Social Network, and think how much money that would make. So then, you could support all these people in need around the world with staggering amounts of money you would make. I am not saying you need to support every single person that would be impossible for one man to do. But you can make little changes to people’s lives and for them; those little changes would be big changes. There already are men and women that donate to these causes, but the world needs more.
If you assemble with Twitter everyone knows two heads will do better than one. With enough coders you can make applications for socializing that will grab the attention of billions around the world. People will use the Social Media knowing the fact that part of the money is going to a good cause, not only the companies’ bank account.
In conclusion, it will be one big connected company that is new and awesome to use, making the world more connected, and donating to charity and other good causes. It will make the world a better place to live than it is.



Dear Mark Zukerberg, 

I am writing this letter, because I think that you could use Facebook and its influence for more than just a connection site. My idea is that Facebook’s purpose can be changed slightly to connect people in an educational way.

To begin with, my idea will bring more profit. Apps about geography maps, history events, English rules, mathematical equations, etc. will start developing, which means more people will want to advertise. People, mainly parents and teachers, will stop looking at Facebook as a distraction site to the youth. They won’t ban it from their children's computers and cellphones, therefore their children can study and not get distracted. If the site could be used for something else rather than a distraction to chat with friends, what better way to study and review your homework than while being online on your favorite site? The more visitors, the more profit.

Secondly, if changing the site’s main purpose is too much, there are smaller ways to use it for good causes. You can make Facebook themed. Themed like Google and YouTube, for example, decorate their logos on international celebrations. On Earth Day, YouTube’s red box around the text, turns green and blue like the planet Earth, while Google’s letters are covered in trees and leaves. Then when you click on the logo, it takes you to a search “Earth Day”. How much will it cost to do the same for Facebook? Embellish the logo 10 times a year, for the most important celebrations and when you click  on it, it takes you to a quick 3 paragraphed article giving the history and tradition of the holiday or celebration.

The idea behind my proposal is to make Facebook a site, that is more meaningful and educational in order to give it a better name. A famous quote from an unknown is ”Facebook is like jail, you sit around, write on walls and get poked by people you don’t know.” Does it make you happy for people to see your biggest accomplishment as a complete waste of time? I am guessing not, so why not change that? Why not even if little, make Facebook’s name make people think of a site that helps their children and themselves get educated. 

In conclusion, the best part of this whole plan, is that you have nothing to lose. You don’t invest anything in it, consequently there is nothing you can possible loose. If people for some reason, decide that they still don’t like the site and find it as a waste of time you would be where you were when you left off, however if they do like the idea, this gives you the opportunity to develop Facebook in more than one way and make it even more popular, than ever.



Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I am writing this letter on behalf of people in need all over the world. I think that many people think that it would be a really good idea to use your money for charities, kids programs, and mainly things that will help people in need. I am among those people who would like you to do this. So basically what I want you to do is some charities that will help kids and grownups.

Since you made Facebook, you’ve only been using the money for improving Facebook and making changes to it, but this can soon change. You have a networth of 13.3 billion and you can use some money for really helpful things, such as helping children and grownups in need. If you create charities, programs (ex. kids staying healthy) or others, you will help a lot. I am sure you would love to help people and make the world a better place.

Another reason why you should do this is, because more people around the world will know your name and positive work that you have done through the years. They will appreciate you more. When people see what you do, they will want to advertise more on your website and then you will earn a lot more money for the year, than any other time. Also, people all over the world will want to work with you, they will want to make more deals with you. Surely you will agree that you will earn more. It is in your best interest to do the charity work and help the people.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should to this. You will give a lot, but you will also get a lot. I really hope that you will consider this amazing idea.



Dear, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman  
Would you like to a make massive profit and help broaden your  market? Then, please help the Bulgarian UAV program by building a UAV for the Bulgarian army. I’m asking you for your help and I’m trying to convince you to do this because you are going to get a huge profit in making a new UAV program in which all the Bulgarian companies working with unmanned technology are going to pay you. This way you are going to have a new big market in Europe which will build economic influence over the other countries in the area. We want you to do this so we can defend ourselves, U.S strategic interest, match the requirements of NATO, and also make some unique and powerful UAV (equipment).
As for defense, Bulgaria can use the new UAVs for defense against advanced technology on land, sea and air. The other reason is so we can scout easier. Before we needed troopers to go in to enemy territory for strategic data scouting. This way we put them in a tough situation which is dangerous. With the spy planes we can just fly, take a few pictures, return to base and prepare for the  attack. This will also save a lot of time. But the most tactical reason is that this project is going to open a new line of defense were we can research and upgrade our technology.
 This way Bulgaria will meet the requirements of NATO which is going to give us respect. When we gain this technology we are going to be equal in firepower with any other Balkan country. In addition we can participate in UAV global missions to help on the operations.
The third thing is going to be that we are going to have unique and powerful military UAV s. This is going to be a big advantage for us because our UAV machines are going to be very compatible with other countries. Also this machine is going to make our drone the best in some of the other performance areas. Finally, but not least, this is going to create our own project which we can build modify or, upgrade.
I think this is a really good idea and I will appreciate it if Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman   help us to develop a new line of defense for the Bulgarian army and global strategy.
Thank You,

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