The Project Description

Dear Terrorist:
Grade 7

Persuasive Letter 

Writing Project

Essential Questions: What’s going on in our world? What forces are responsible? And who has the power to change it?

-Read a variety of current news topics (gallery walk & partner)
-Inquiry based discussion of the news 
-Brainstorming topics of student interest and generating questions
-Teacher PPT presentation/lecture on one topic of interest: SYRIA 
-Students choose their news topic of interest to teach to the class
-In-class Internet research time with outlines to complete as evidence
-In-class work time to complete PPT presentation with rubric
-Individual news presentations to the class 
-Teacher example and lesson on persuasive letter writing
-Letter writing/drafting
-Peer Editing (partners, gallery walk, & peer workshop critique)
-Publishing: online and exhibition on campus

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